22nd May, 2024

Safe Smart Accounts to power Universal Wallets on WalletConnect’s New Wallet Kit

WalletConnect has announced the integration of Safe smart accounts to power their Universal Wallets, enhancing user journeys in Web3. Revealed by founder Pedro Gomes at Safe{Con}2 during Berlin Blockchain Week, this integration is part of WalletConnect's new product suite, including AppKit and WalletKit. Launching on June 12, Universal Wallets will feature Safe's advanced security with multi-signature functionality and user-friendly onboarding. This strategic partnership underscores WalletConnect’s commitment to superior user experience and security. The collaboration will continue to drive adoption through events, hackathons, and community programs, rewarding users for their activities.
Account Abstraction


In a significant advancement by one of the most well-distributed UX & connectivity layers in web3, WalletConnect has announced the coming integraton of Safe smart accounts to power their Universal Wallets, a critical product as part of the AppKit stack, focused on supporting user journeys in web3. The initiative was announced by WalletConnect founder, Pedro Gomes at Safe{Con}2 taking place in Berlin as part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. 

Transition to Smart Accounts as Default in the WalletConnect ecosystem

The newly unveiled streamlined product suite introduces AppKit and WalletKit, an evolution of the project’s previously successful Web3Modal and Web3Wallet, stacked with all new feature sets designed to radically improve UX and DevX., Included in the June 12 launch is Universal Wallets, an end-user element of the AppKit stack built to support the onboarding journey of a wider landscape of users, powered by smart accounts. Ahead of their coming launch, WalletConnect chose to develop their new Smart Account feature directly with Safe Smart Accounts, a move that underscores WalletConnect’s commitment to enhancing user experience and security with a pledge toward smart accounts. 

Key Features of the Safe Smart Accounts Integration:

  • Enhanced Security: Safe smart accounts allow the optionality to enable future features for WalletConnect Universal Wallet users, like multi-signature functionality, ensuring that multiple private keys or signers are needed to authorize transactions. This feature significantly boosts security, mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized access. 

  • User-Friendly Onboarding: WalletConnect’s Universal Wallets integrates Safe{Core}, Safe’s Account Abstraction stack, facilitating easier login functionality and ensuring seamless onboarding for users.

Strategic Partnership to build the future of Wallets with Smart Accounts

Safe{Core} has been chosen as the go-to account abstraction stack with Safe smart accounts being the default for Appkit’s Universal Wallet users. The integration of Safe smart accounts into WalletConnect’s tech marks a major milestone in enhancing the security and usability for users and developers in the large WalletConnect ecosystem. 

The new product suite will be launched on June 12.

Our teams will continue to partner and drive adoption for the stack during future events, hackathons, and community programs. WalletConnect has also been onboarded as a partner to Safe{Pass}, the activity program launched by Safe where users can get rewarded for activities they do with WalletConnect and Safe. Learn about WalletConnect

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