13th May, 2024

Safe{Wallet} Introduces Native Swaps

Experience the next level of convenience and security in token trading with the introduction of Native Swaps in Safe{Wallet}. In collaboration with CoW Protocol, this feature embeds a sophisticated swap functionality directly within the Safe{Wallet} interface, making it easier than ever to trade tokens at optimal prices without leaving your wallet. Say goodbye to complex transactions and hello to a seamless, secure, and efficient swapping experience. Start swapping on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain today and be part of the future of decentralized finance.
New Feature
Danilo Pereira & Safe

SafeWallet Native Swaps Feature Powered by CoW Protocol

Today, Safe is excited to announce the launch of Native Swaps, a new feature that seamlessly integrates CoW Protocol into the Safe{Wallet} interface. This integration aims to enhance the user experience by offering a streamlined approach to swapping tokens within the wallet itself.

Launching in Partnership with CoW Protocol

Native Swaps brings CoW Protocol's intent-based swap mechanism right to your Safe{Wallet}, offering support for batched execution while minimizing the risk of errors or expirations often associated with smart account transactions. This means you can enjoy greater accuracy, peace of mind, and a seamless token swap experience.

Now, with this integrated feature, you can fetch quotes across multiple decentralized liquidity sources directly within Safe{Wallet}, ensuring you get the tokens you want at the best possible price.

Key Benefits of Native Swaps

  • Robust Security and Price Protection: CowSwap's architecture significantly reduces front-running risks and offers built-in MEV protection, ensuring fair execution of your trades.

  • Clear Transactions: Easily understand the details of every swap before execution, presented in a human-readable format.

  • Seamless Experience: Enjoy the convenience of swapping tokens without ever leaving your Safe{Wallet}.

Proven Demand: High Swap Volumes Highlight Community Engagement

Safe{Wallet}'s impressive swap volume – averaging $450 million per month since June 2023 and nearly $1 billion in March alone – showcases the immense demand for seamless asset swaps within the Safe community. Over the last three years, a staggering $25B in swap volume has been facilitated through Safe Smart Accounts.

Start Swapping Today

Safe{Wallet}'s Native Swaps deliver the most secure and user-friendly smart account experience. By using this feature, you're not only enhancing your own trading experience but also contributing to a cycle of growth, governance, and innovation that benefits the entire Safe community.

Experience the difference for yourself! Try out Native Swaps on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain today.

This is not an offer to sell or the a solicitation of an offer to purchase any SAFE tokens and is not an offering, advertisement, solicitation, confirmation, statement, and/or any financial promotion that can be construed as an invitation or inducement to engage in any investment activity or similar. Please note that the use of and access to the Safe{Wallet} is subject to terms and conditions provided by Core Contributors GmbH. Also, please note that the native swap feature is operated by a third party provider and is subject to terms and conditions provided by that third party. The Safe Ecosystem Foundation makes no representations, warranties and/or covenants with respect to the Safe Technology (or any implementations of the Safe{Wallet} and/or Safe Smart Accounts) or any third party DeFi protocols, as to their technical properties and/or characteristics or performance, or their actual or potential usefulness or suitability for any particular purpose.

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