23rd April, 2024

Safe Launches Activity Program for Its Users

The Safe{Pass} activity program aims to reward activity and interactions with Safe smart accounts and give back to the community while building up a robust ecosystem of Safe.

Safe Launches Activity Program for Its Users

Zug, Switzerland 23 April, 2024 – The Safe Ecosystem Foundation  today introduced Safe{Pass}, a dynamic activity program for users of Safe, the leading smart wallet infrastructure provider with more than $100 billion USD in value of digital assets secured on Safe smart accounts,. Open to both existing and new users, the activity program encourages greater participant engagement across different verticals within the Safe ecosystem, enabling them to earn rewards from the Safe Ecosystem Foundation and Safe{Pass} partners. 

The inaugural partners for Safe{Pass} include EigenLayer, Euler, Wormhole, Rainbow and ENS. These partners will launch exclusive campaigns offering Safe{Pass} users the opportunity to accrue additional points and rewards, ensuring that Safe users can seamlessly participate in Safe{Pass} through any ecosystem wallet built on Safe. By actively utilizing their Safe smart accounts, users get points which can be boosted through the locking of SAFE tokens.  Rewards will unlock in progressive stages from Safe as well as from exclusive Safe{Pass} Partners. Further, the more activity a user has, the greater the reward potential. 

Speaking on the launch of Safe{Pass}, Lukas Schor, co-founder at Safe said, “Safe users have been instrumental in driving and propelling the smart account revolution forward. With the introduction of Safe{Pass}, users can now demonstrate their commitment and be acknowledged for their contributions. As we progress, we are committed to expanding and enhancing the activity program, with a goal of expediting our mission to establish smart accounts as the standard for on-chain interactions.”

Designed to foster inclusivity and engagement within the Safe ecosystem, the first season will run until 30th September 2024. From today, participants can start to lock their SAFE tokens to be eligible for a multiplier on points earned through activity in the Safe{Pass} activity program before the rewards season begins. While initially focused on Ethereum Mainnet users, Safe{Pass} will expand to include other networks in the subsequent seasons, ensuring widespread participation and benefit across the decentralized landscape. Users can visit the Safe{Pass} app to get started now!


Please refer to the applicable terms and conditions for details of eligibility, criteria and any restrictions that apply to you. . In particular, please note that:

-   residents in (including the United States) may not be eligible for the boost and rewards. This means that your boost might not be applied to certain reward types, e.g. token rewards such as SAFE, and you might not be eligible to receive certain types of rewards.


-   participating in the Safe{Pass} Program, collecting points and completing activities DOES NOT GRANT YOU ANY CONTRACTUAL AND/OR OTHER CLAIM TO RECEIVE REWARDS.

About the Safe Ecosystem Foundation

The Safe Ecosystem Foundation’s mission and purpose are to support the development of Safe, the strengthening of Safe technology and the promotion of the Safe Ecosystem. 

About Safe

Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) is an onchain asset custody protocol, securing ~$100 Billion USD in assets. It is establishing a universal ‘smart account' standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity. With Safe{Wallet}, its flagship web and mobile wallet, and Safe{Core} account abstraction infrastructure, Safe is on a mission to unlock digital ownership for everyone in web3 including DAOs, enterprises, retail, and institutional users. 

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