21st May, 2024

Safe Announces 50+ Speakers for Safe{Con}2: Driving the Next Wave of Smart Account Adoption.

Safe, the leading smart account infrastructure, today announced 50+ speakers for Safe{Con}2, the premier conference dedicated to smart accounts. Industry leaders like Illia Polosukhin (NEAR Protocol), Stefan George (Gnosis Chain), and Lukas Schor (Safe) will join key figures from leading web3 organizations to discuss the future of smart accounts and their role in driving mass adoption of web3.
Samuel Akpan
Samuel Akpan & Safe


Berlin, Germany 21 May 2024 Safe, the leading smart account infrastructure with over $100 billion in digital assets secured on Safe smart accounts, announces over 50+ expert speakers for Safe{Con}2, the premier conference dedicated to smart accounts. Join leading web3 developers and builders along the iconic Berlin Spree on May 23, 2024, as they strategize and build to onboard the next billion users to web3.

This year's stellar lineup includes industry leaders like Illia Polosukhin (Co-founder of NEAR Protocol), Stani Kulechov (Founder and CEO @ Avara), and Lukas Schor (Safe). They will be joined by key figures from organizations like Defisaver, Walletconnect, HQ xyz, 1kx, Sygnum, Brahma, Hashi, Fileverse, and Scroll, sharing insights on smart account standards, the transformative power of AI for crypto security, and much more!

Key Themes for Safe{Con}2:

Network Abstraction for a Seamless Web3 Experience: Discover how Safe is enabling cross-chain interactions for streamlined user experiences  

The Power of AI-Enhanced Smart Accounts: Explore the cutting-edge integration of AI with Safe smart accounts, unlocking new possibilities in automation, security, and personalized user experiences.

 Building the Next Wave of DApps with Smart Accounts: See how leading dApps across DeFi, gaming, identity, and more leverage Safe's security, flexibility, and user-centric design to drive mass adoption.

Building on Safe{Con} Success

The inaugural Safe{Con} in 2023 was a resounding success, drawing 650+ participants from projects like  Pimlico, Fileverse, Gnosis Chain, ENS, and Monerium.

About Safe

Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) is an onchain asset custody protocol, securing ~$100 Billion in assets today. It is establishing a universal 'smart account' standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity. With Safe{Wallet}, it’s flagship web and mobile wallet and Safe{Core} account abstraction infrastructure, Safe is on a mission to unlock digital ownership for everyone in web3 including DAOs, enterprises, retail and institutional users. 

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